This campaign takes place on the planet Idlewyld, following the event known as the Reckoning. 

The reckoning was an event perpetrated by the Imsaki Priestesses to bring aberrations of all sorts out of hiding, destroying much of the world and leading to the lesser god of Peace, Oramal to attempt to purge the world by death. But, before he could, Shikarn, the lesser god of despair and pain strips him of his holy totem(a pendant of whipwood), rendering him mortal and making Shikarn twice as powerful as god of pain, despair, and peace. This causes the morality of the world to be thrown out of balance, causing warlords, murderers, and all sorts of evil to take power over the land.

The gods of Idlewyld are former mortals given totems by the all powerful, and only pure deities, the sibling gods, So(High God of Life) and Qi(High God of Death). These totems are very powerful magical items, giving the holder dominion over their respective claims and making the holder immortal. They can change owners, but never be destroyed, only exiled, waiting to be found by another. Oramal was the lesser god of Peace, given his pendant totem by So when, as a human mortal, he convinced Fristomar the Wicked to spare the lives of the 30 million non-humans of Idlewyld 324,991 years ago. Shikarn was given his totem, a continually molten mace of obsidian, by Qi when he, a drow, raised an army of undead and destroyed the million soldier army of united races during the Necromancer Wars 241,152 years ago, making him the lesser god of despair. But 10,244 years later, Shikarn obliterated Hursti, the lesser god of Pain via crashing a mountain of molten lava onto him, to steal his totem, a simple bone whistle. Rendering him god of both Pain, and Despair.